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While the world has been busy mass producing beer, we choose to do something else.

the brew house

Malt Barley

The brewing process starts with malt barley, we use only the finest hand malted Marris Otter English Malts.


The farms well is located next to the brew house, the well goes down 250 feet into the hallowed ground beneath the farm. Our water is pure, we add nothing to it, it's as natural as it gets!

Mash Tun

We mix the malt with water from the well to create a Mash. The grain is effectively soaked in warm water over a period of up to two hours, to convert the starches in the malt into sugar.


Once the Mash has been completed, the sweet wort is collected from the Mash Tun and transferred to the boiler. The grains are rinsed with water to collect residual sugars, this process is known as sparging.


Sweet wort is boiled along with hops to add bitterness and the wonderful aroma to our beer.

Heat Exchanger

After the boil, the water is cooled down to 20 degrees C via the heat exchanger.

Fermentation Tank

Cold wort is transferred to our jacketed ex-milk tanks. Yeast is added; over the course of 2-4 days the yeast cells ingest the sugars in the Sweet wort to produce wonderful alcohol and carbon dioxide.

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